Welcome to my world of PLASTIC EXPLORATION, the Pop-Art of Flex Maslan.

This site is a great place to explore the role of Plastic and Plasticity in everyday aspects of our lives. By ‘Plastic’ I mean to use the term both literally and figuratively as a metaphor to explore current Western cultural ideas, such as Marketing, Disposability, Consumerism, etc..

***Contains Mature Content!

The first series to be featured here is ‘Perfect Doll’ where I explore our culturally sanctified idea of idealized feminine beauty,¬†sexuality, relationships, control/domination, etc..

***Contains Mature Content!

I invite you to reflect on each piece to form your own interpretation(s).. there are many possibilities!

It is my hope that you enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed creating them..

Blessings friends!

PlasticWorlds Flex Maslan plasticworlds.com 029 digital029art barbie artist photgrapher

Flex Maslan


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